Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Matt Taibbi on the "Occupy Wall Street" Protests

Here is an interview of Matt Taibbi by Don Imus:

His point that these protests are going to help push Washington to do more real change to break up the "too big to fail" banks is good. He does touch on the income disparity and the skewing of wealth to the ultra-rich, but he doesn't go into much detail.

I get a real chuckle at the "straight guy" who shows up in the last two minutes of the video claiming that "if you give all the money from the banks to these people you will destroy jobs". That is a classic right wing distortion. Matt Taibbi had just carefully stated that these people have no "political demands" but are unhappy about the direction of the country. This right wing nut immediately translates that into "they are going to rob the rich and fritter it away on the poor... and that means nobody will have a job". He puts fear into everybody. But that isn't the Occupy Wall Street message. They want a "better society". They want to end the political handout to the big banks. They aren't talking about robbing the rich and destroying jobs. But that "fear message" is the classic way the elite control the poor. A lot of people will be terrified and want to suppress Occupy Wall Street because they are hearing "those people will take away my job!". It isn't true. It is a lie used to defeat social change.

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