Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Glorious Operation of Capitalism

If you go to a bank in New York City and request to close your bank account, they will arrest you...
Update 2011oct17: Here is a personal account by one of the victims of the "you try to close your account, we will arrest you" event.

Details in the
Below, you can see video of some of the protesters in the bank trying to close their accounts who are then arrested by police. That includes one woman who argues she is a customer, and allowed to be in the bank—and then she is picked up by a policeman and taken away.


The mouthpieces of capitalism talk about freedoms, but the freedom to close a bank account apparently isn't one of them. I'm puzzled exactly which law the banks have managed to get their bought-and-paid-for politicians to pass which makes it illegal to request that a your own bank account be closed and your money returned.

Obviously the Wall Street banks have gone one step further than simply using their politicians to siphon taxpayer dollars into the corporations. They are now simply seizing people's money directly and arresting you if you think you have some legal right to your own money!

And here they are hauling people away. I guess the banks love your money more than they love you so they will keep your money while using the police to enforce a "separation" between you and your money.

It is interesting how banks can decide some people are "legitimate" customers while others are not allowed because the bank simply refuses to let the customer into the bank building:

The banks love to set you up with mortgages with hidden charges and "gotcha" stuff. The biggest "gotcha" is they won't let you close your account!

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