Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ultimate Evil: Stealing a Person's Soul

The "dirty war" by the right wing military reached depths only touched on by the vile regimes of Hitler, Stalin, and Mao. But they did it with a unique twist. They stole the children of the freedom fighters that they killed and raised them as their own. They not only stole the lives of those they "repressed" but they stole the very identity of the children and taught them there were something other than what they were. That is as ugly a crime as I can imagine. You literally steal a person's soul by hiding their real origin and pretending they are one with you (and your murderous ways).

Here's a bit from an article in the NY Times:
Victoria Montenegro recalls a childhood filled with chilling dinnertime discussions. Lt. Col. Hernán Tetzlaff, the head of the family, would recount military operations he had taken part in where “subversives” had been tortured or killed. The discussions often ended with his “slamming his gun on the table,” she said.

It took an incessant search by a human rights group, a DNA match and almost a decade of overcoming denial for Ms. Montenegro, 35, to realize that Colonel Tetzlaff was, in fact, not her father — nor the hero he portrayed himself to be.

Instead, he was the man responsible for murdering her real parents and illegally taking her as his own child, she said.

He confessed to her what he had done in 2000, Ms. Montenegro said. But it was not until she testified at a trial here last spring that she finally came to grips with her past, shedding once and for all the name that Colonel Tetzlaff and his wife had given her — María Sol — after falsifying her birth records.

The trial, in the final phase of hearing testimony, could prove for the first time that the nation’s top military leaders engaged in a systematic plan to steal babies from perceived enemies of the government.

Jorge Rafael Videla, who led the military during Argentina’s dictatorship, stands accused of leading the effort to take babies from mothers in clandestine detention centers and give them to military or security officials, or even to third parties, on the condition that the new parents hide the true identities. Mr. Videla is one of 11 officials on trial for 35 acts of illegal appropriation of minors.

The trial is also revealing the complicity of civilians, including judges and officials of the Roman Catholic Church.
Notice the crimes of the Catholic Church. Not only is the Church into sheltering pederasts and a long history of using Church doctrine to shield tyrants and the rich from the just social demands of the poor, the Church worked with these ghouls who stole babies from victims they killed to let right wing crazies raise them "as their own".

Here is the crime in which the Catholic Church freely collaborated:
In Latin America, the baby thefts were largely unique to Argentina’s dictatorship, Mr. Vivanco said. There was no such effort in neighboring Chile’s 17-year dictatorship.

One notable difference was the role of the Catholic Church. In Argentina the church largely supported the military government, while in Chile it confronted the government of Gen. Augusto Pinochet and sought to expose its human rights crimes, Mr. Vivanco said.

Priests and bishops in Argentina justified their support of the government on national security concerns, and defended the taking of children as a way to ensure they were not “contaminated” by leftist enemies of the military, said Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, a Nobel Prize-winning human rights advocate who has investigated dozens of disappearances and testified at the trial last month.


Church officials in Argentina and at the Vatican declined to answer questions about their knowledge of or involvement in the covert adoptions.

For many years, the search for the missing children was largely futile. But that has changed in the past decade thanks to more government support, advanced forensic technology and a growing genetic data bank from years of testing. The latest adoptee to recover her real identity, Laura Reinhold Siver, brought the total number of recoveries to 105 in August.
Go read the whole article. It is very sad. It takes these victims years to shed their old identity and come to understand the horror of the crime committed against them and their birth parents. Read the article to become acquainted with just a couple of the hundreds of victims.

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