Monday, October 3, 2011

Matt Taibbi on "Occupy Wall Street"

Here is a journalist with his finger on the pulse of Wall Street corruption, Matt Taibbi, who has now turned his attention to the demonstrators. He is interviewed by Keith Olbermann:

Both Taibbi and Olbermann note the very suspicious "lack of coverage" for this movement given the extensive coverage of the "Tea Party" where a group of 20 would get national coverage. Here are demonstrations that have lasted for over 20 days with thousands attending, a large number of unions voting support, and 700 arrested on Saturday and some 30 arrested last week. And almost no coverage in the press. Extremely strange... unless you realize that the media is bought and sold -- like the politicians -- to sell the message of the ultra-rich, the message of more tax cuts, or a "tax burden", of a need to remove services and entitlements from the bottom 90%, the incessant demand that government be shrunk to the point where it can be "strangled in a bath tub".

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