Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Wishin' and A Hopin'

The following graphic gives me great hope...

If the Democrat Obama can get elected in the US, the above tells me that the US economy will recover sooner than under the Republican McCain. That, along with the fact that the Democrats will remove the tax cuts for the rich, and turn the Reagan illusion of a trickle-down economy into a bottom-up, more jobs, better pay, and more emphasis on the middle class, brings a smile to my face. I'm thinking the US (and Canada maybe!) can get back to something closer to the 1946-1976 era:

Or, to make the same point using a cartoonists' eye...

I'm ready to break out into song "Happy Days are Here Again!". Only... first, the Democrats need to unseat the Republicans. Here in Canada we failed to unseat Harper and his me-too conservative agenda. But if they pull the trick off in the US and we see our neighbor to the south looking like a Middle Class society once again, maybe we timid Canadians will find the courage to throw off our overlords, the Conservative Party, and try something a little more adventurous!

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