Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Rules of Debate and the Fine Art of Cheating

I watched the final US Presidential debate tonight...

I had to wrestle with myself to keep from throwing things at my TV and risked letting my anger destroy the TV as my anger welled up at the idiocy I was seeing.

McCain makes me go ballistic. He is a slippery congenital liar in the same mold as George W. Bush. How can the American people go for another idiot as their President. McCain can't string ideas together. He uses Hitlers "big lie" technique of telling the same lie over and over to subtly plant the idea that there must be some truth to the lie because it keeps coming up and everybody is talking about it. He is in the pockets of the rich and keeps selling "tax cuts" as his "fix" to the economy despite Obama pointing out that eight more years of Bush's (tax cutting) policies will destroy the United States. Ho can people be so stupid as to fall for Bush policies warmed up and served over again? (Sure McCain claimed he isn't Bush, but as Obama pointed out, the differences are only on tangential issues. On the big issues of taxes, the economy, war, health case, education, etc. McCain is a Bush Mini-me.)

I can't stand the moderators of those debates. Schieffer who would pose a question and then McCain would jump the fence running off on some other topic and ignoring the debate subject. Schieffer wouldn't reel him in. Schieffer never called him to account for disregarding the rules of the debate. (Also, notice how McCain consistently went over his time limit while Obama stayed within it).
I was beside myself at the end when the talked about educational funding. McCain suddenly talked about "funding special programs for autistic kids with special needs". Obama should have said:
"Time out John! earlier this evening you said you were going to take an axe to the budget and I pointed out a need for a scalpel. You said you were going to freeze spending and I said that in some cases we might have to increase spending. You railed against me with a pretense that you had a plan to control spending. But here at the very end you start with a new spending initiative that would break any freeze and that would escape your axe. In short, you have been caught lying to the American people!"

But the idiot Obama didn't call him out. Schieffer and Obama let the slimeball McCain define his own questions, break rules at will, repeat lies as if they were truths, and never brought him to account. Nuts!

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