Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dawn of a new Ideological Era

I've lived through various ideological eras. I was born into the post-WWII era of determination and struggle lingering from the Great Depression and WWII. My early years was spent amazed at "the beats", a generation disillusioned by war and social failure. My adolescence was spent in the wildly optimistic but mega-death threatened era of an emerging Kennedyesque idealism that turned into tuned-out hippies all under the threat of nuclear annihilation. The grim post Vietnam era of economic retrenchment was an era of "me first" fakirs of "personal development" and the proliferation of cults. This turned in the 1980s into the "dawning of America" under a renascent social conservatism that played on social themes while shoveling dollars to corporations. This transformed into the era of "greed is good" and the worship of market capitalism. This in turn led to the huge speculative overreach of the promises of the Internet and the era. Finally, with the right wing rampant and cynically using social conservative themes to cover their financial crimes and the overreaching of the elites who had seized the largest share of income and wealth since the excesses of the Gilded Era, things have come crashing down. For the last thirty years I've been reading tea leaves looking for a swing back to the left, to the hopeful time of the early Sixties before the hippies gave up on America and walked away in their "back to the land" movement. Maybe the times has come for a swing to the left. Maybe.

Here is a video that talks of a "new era dawning". I hope so. We need to wash away the horrors of the recent past. We need a new social compact:

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