Sunday, July 10, 2011

Republican Impasse

Negotiations to raise the US debt "ceiling" are stalled...

The last time the Republican party was so adamant in ignoring public opinion and the needs of the American people was in the Nixon presidency, an election based on a "secret plan" for peace in Vietnam... a non-existent plan, a lie sold to win an election by a man who wanted power and would do anything to get it.

The Republicans are up to it again. They will do anything to please their overlords, the ultra-rich, so they are forcing a confrontation over what should be an informality, an agreement to fund the execution of the spending bills previously passed by Congress. But they won't. They refuse to negotiate. They are giving Obama and the Democrats the "choice" of "my way or the highway".

The last time the Republican party refused to listen to widespread public opinion was 41 years ago...

It took endless protests, deaths, and the courage of Congress to de-fund the Nixon administration and finally stop the insanely misguided and wasteful war in Vietnam. What will it take for the Democrats to stop this latest outrage by the Republican party?

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Anonymous said...

... its painful watching the disunity of the USA dragging us into another financial crisis - all for the sake of being in powe. r. Well written article. There is now 2 different America's in the USA a in and the Republicans can't wait to get in a position to undo every detail of everything Obama's administration has delivered on despite the fact the American people are disappointed that he didn't get as much done as they had hoped. The majority voted for the vision and direction and then punished the Democrats in congress solely for not getting enough done on those agendas.