Sunday, July 31, 2011

Obama Has Single-Handedly Destoryed the American System of Government

Matthew Yglesias has spotted the real tragedy in this path of doom which Obama has led the US. Obama has created a mechanism that destroys the American system of divided government and balance of powers. He has turned the US into a poorly functional parliamentary system where a debt ceiling vote become a "vote of confidence":
I actually think that whatever the contours of the deal, at this point the biggest damage is to the overall system of government. Obama has successfully transformed massive debt ceiling hostage taking from an act of breathtakingly irresponsible brinksmanship into a proven effective negotiating tactic. Suppose he gets re-elected in 2012. What’s he going to do when this issue recurs in 2013? Every time the president’s party has fewer than 60 votes in the Senate, we may face a recurrence of this crisis.
The Tea Party is a disaster for the US. But it ends up that Obama is an even greater disaster because of his incompetence in "negotiating". He should resign and let Joe Biden finish his term.

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