Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Obama "Recovery"

Here is a post by Paul Krugman in his NY Times blog pointing out that claims by the Obama administration for the last two years that "recovery is underway" just doesn't match the facts:
Welcome to the Recovery

Companies step up layoffs.

In Washington-speak, coming from both the White House and the Fed, we’re always on the road to recovery, with a few setbacks on the way. But the reality is that we’ve been basically flat on the employment front since late 2009, with nothing suggesting a sustained break back toward better performance:

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Maybe someone should talk about doing something? Nah.

Oh, by the way, why are companies stepping up layoffs? It’s because of fear of the Islamic socialist Kenyan president weak demand.
Obama isn't worried about jobs. He's working overtime to solve the "deficit/debt" problem. Yeah, that worry that keeps Americans up at night. Everybody would be sleeping like babies if only this big debt would go away. What? 14 million unemployed? No big deal. Millions thrown out of their houses? Who cares! Main Street crippled by banks cutting back on credit? Get serious, it is the big public debt that is holding back a booming economy from busting out everywhere. Just wait, those Republicans and Obama are going to deliver with a 4 trillion cut to the debt and the economy will leap ahead by 5%, no 8%, no no by 11% and everybody will suddenly be wealthier than Midas. It will happen. I swear. Just as soon as the 1980s promise by Ronald Reagan of "trickle down prosperty" arrives... any day now... any day.

Here's the real story:

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