Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rupert Murdoch, the Moralist

It is good to see that Rupert Murdoch's heart is in the right place and that he had his flagship newspaper in the UK, The Times, carry this cartoon to remind people that there is something more important than a missing girl's family' hopes were played with by Murdoch's journalists when they hacked her phone (not to mention the other 4,000+ victims of hacking). Rupert Murdoch wants us to quit paying attention to the silly phone hacking story and instead focus on the great moral dilemma of our time: starvation in Africa:

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From BoingBoing

It is miraculous that Murdoch has suddenly "got religion" on starvation in Africa. I'm sure this new found moral concern of his has nothing to do with all the press coverage about phone hacking. He understands that in the big scheme of things that tens of thousands starving in Africa is far more important than political corruption (buying police & politicians and using phone hacking to get leverage over people).

This stance demonstrates how great a man Murdoch is to forego the scrutiny of phone hacking and political corruption and instead put his papers on the trail of the truly important story: starvation in Africa.

If you need confirmation of the ruthless and manipulative and evil nature of Rupert Murdoch, the above cartoon should suffice.

Here is Murdoch's news channel in the US, Fox "News", and how it behaves:

If you watch this clip to the end, the CNN reporter is saying that while Fox "News" is ignoring the Murdoch scandal, other Murdoch properties are covering it and he notes The Times. But the above cartoon should cause you to question how seriously the other Murdoch properties are "covering" the scandal.

And this is a prime example of Murdoch's minion's manipulating the coverage of "this hacking problem" by confusing criminal hacking by Murdoch with the fact that the Pentagon is a victim of hacking...

Go see my viewpoint on the above video.

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