Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Energy Crisis and New Technology

The Washington's Blog has a nice post that identifies several new technologies that might significantly change the energy outlook. The post is entitled "Are We On the Verge of an Energy Breakthrough?".

The items identified look solid. The only one I would quibble with is the e-cat reactor, aka "the Rossi reactor". As documented by Steven Krivit on his LENR blog, there are just too many "ethical issues" with the inventor Andrea Rossi. This guy has defrauded others with previous schemes to sell "inventions" and "technologies".

The Washington's Post post seems solid with a video of Nobel prize-winning physicist Brian Josephson saying positive things about the e-cat. But Rossi has scammed too many times in the past to be trusted here. Despite positive articles in NyTeknik, especially one one where a team of Swedish physicsts observed a six hour test and came away assrting that the demo truly demonstrates some "nuclear power generation", I am skeptical. Once a person has defrauded, you can't trust them again. Rossi is a con artist, a fraudster. He can't be trusted.

But the article in Washington's Blog identifies a number of new technologies. Most of these will prove out and become candidates for commercialization. So I think we can feel good about our energy future. I believe we are on the cusp of a revolution in how we obtain energy.

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