Saturday, June 11, 2011

Lock Everybody Up! Why? There's Got to be a Criminal Among You, so Lock Everybody Up!

The idiocy of bureaucracies is stunning.

The illiterate, unscientific, superstitious depth of some people is mind-boggling.

Here's an article in the UK's Guardian newspaper about Italy arresting its top seismologists and charging them with "murder" because they didn't accurately predict an earthquake...
Seven experts responsible for evaluating the threat of natural disasters in Italy have been charged with manslaughter for allegedly failing to give sufficient warning about the devastating L'Aquila earthquake in 2009.

Judge Giuseppe Romano Gargarella ordered the members of the Great Risks commission to go on trial in L'Aquila on 20 September.

The judge said the defendants "gave inexact, incomplete and contradictory information" about whether smaller tremors in L'Aquila six months before the 6.3 magnitude quake on 6 April, which killed more than 300 people, should have been viewed as warning signs of the subsequent disaster.
With that kind of logic, they should arrest you -- or me -- because neither of us warned the world that a tsunami would take down the Fukushima nuclear reactor. Guilty! You -- and I -- had months, years to forewarn the Japanese, but we dawdled and temporized. Neither you, nor I, buckled down and studied the geological sciences and nuclear engineering so that we could either pin down the date of the tsunami or predict that the reactor design couldn't withstand the tsunami. Arrest you! Arrest me!

Make it simple... let's arrest everybody. My neighbor didn't predict the tornado in Joplin, Missouri in time to save all those people. Arrest him! The mayor of Vancouver didn't provide the police with the name of the guy who murdered an innocent woman last week. Arrest him! Your President didn't identify the perpetrators of 200 killings in Mexico last week. Arrest him! Round them all up! Jail them! Try them for murder, for callous disregard for life. They should have warned us! I should have warned us. You should have warned up. Jail everybody!

Here's the Italian style of "science" and "justice"...

Seriously... This judge in Italy should be incarcerated in an insane asylum. Nobody can predict the future. Maybe he has a psychic who he thinks can predict the future, but he is kidding himself. Nobody can predict the future.

Does this judge really want to single-handedly end science? Why would any scientist continue in his profession if they can be arrested for not predicting whatever the man in the street thinks could or should be predicted? Nutty!

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