Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Belief in Math

This is a wonderful spoof of empty-headed beauty pageant "interviews". But instead of asking what they most wanted ("world peace"), this video speculates on what you would get if you asked "Should math be taught in schools?"

When a beauty queen tells me that she doesn't "believe in math" I sit up and pay attention. And when another tells me that math is "only a theory" and isn't what the Bible tells us therefore it shouldn't be taught in American school, then I know they are onto something big, really big.

I'm guessing America should now be preparing to "reform" its school system and remove all that "belief-based math" and replace it with real, hard facts, Bible-based facts. Oh, and teach more of the sounds, smells, and vibrations stuff. That's just so much more fun than that stodgy old "mathy" stuff.

Glory hallelujah! Religion is going to help free Americans from the cruel domination of "math". God speed the day of our salvation!

By the way... If you want to see the real 2011 Miss USA contestants, try this web page.

If you do want to hear the idiocies of genuine Miss America 2011 contestants ruminating over the tough question of "Should evolution be taught in schools?" watch this...

You can see how the spoof in the first video took some liberties with the idea of "empty-headed beauty queen", but the second video should reassure you, that idea isn't a myth. These women really are only loosely connected to reality. And it is so lovely to see that they clasp religion so closely to their breasts... oh, I mean "bosom".

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