Sunday, June 5, 2011

Calling it As It Is

It is easy to pick on right wing politics because that is the politics of greed and hate.

It is harder to pick on left wing politics because that is supposedly "the people's politicians" but when they act stupid like Anthony Weiner, you have to get on their case.

Here's Matt Taibbi calling it as he sees it in an article in Rolling Stone:
Six years ago, congressman Anthony Weiner led a campaign to throw copies of the New York Press in the trash because of my silly column about the death of the Pope. Back then, I thought that was a pretty odd take on the First Amendment, coming from an ostensibly left-leaning New York liberal Democrat.

Now I read that Weiner called the Capitol police on WCBS reporter Marcia Kramer for showing up at his office to ask questions about Weinergate. Incredible! I love how all of these ACLU all-stars turn into little Pinochets the instant the heat on their beloved careers moves up past room temperature.

As for the actual story ... Jesus, a congressman tweeting dong shots to co-eds? I get Brett Favre doing that, because Brett Favre is an NFL football player. He's supposed to be stupid! But how does a U.S. congressman do something like that and expect it not to come out?

I’ve also been fascinated by the editorials blaming the media for their unjust treatment of Weiner – like it's none of our business whether or not this guy is sending pictures of his boner to young women around the country.


The truth is, if you're worth the congressional office at all, your automatic answer to any question about pictures like that has to be, "No, that can't be me in that picture, because I'm a United States Congressman and I don't take digital pictures of my hard-ons." The fact that Weiner had to hedge his answer at all tells us everything we need to know about that picture.
There's more. Read the original article.

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