Thursday, January 13, 2011

Glen Beck Deconstructed

Jon Stewart has used the curiously effective Glen Beck techniques to decode the secret message behind the message of Glen Beck... be afraid, be very afraid...


thomas said...


I saw this on The Daily Show when it aired the first time.. This is funny stuff, but it does show how absurd some of the "connections" are. This is how many of the conspiracy theories are constructed. Many are reaching pretty far on some of their facts that lead to the conclusions they come up with, but that doesn't matter to the subscribers.

I remember one of my oldest jokes: Why are fire engines red? It went something like this..
four wheels and eight feet wide = 12, 12 is a ruler, queen Elizabeth is a ruler and is also one of the biggest ships in the sea, the seas have fish, fish have fins, the Finns fought the Russians, Russians are red and fire engines are always rushin therefore fire engines are red.. (silly, I know).

RYviewpoint said...


I enjoy watching Jon Stewart, but don't always catch his show. I don't know when the above clip first showed. I saw it only because my brother forwarded the clip. I fell out of my chair laughing and immediately post it on this blog.

Yes, you are right, the "logical" connections are screwball, but isn't that the Glen Beck style? Hasn't Jon Stewart nailed the "technique" of Beck? I don't watch Beck but the few bits I've seen of him, this strikes me as the "style" of Beck.

I like both Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert because their humour requires you to be paying attention to the world around you. It is intelligent humour. And both ultimately poke fun at left and right. I prefer Stewart's straight forward style to Colbert. Colbert inserts his 'persona' into his humour and I understand it, but I prefer the more neutral "just the facts" style of Jon Stewart.

By the way... The reason I watch less of these two comedians than I would like is that CTV (and its Comedy Network channel) own the rights in Canada and they block any clips posted in the US of the original humour. If I try to access the site directly, I get blocked. Copyright holders don't care about you, your interests, or your enjoyment. They only care about their profits. So they do dumb things like block access. Nutty. Business succeeds when it fulfills customer needs, not when it extorts them by controlling them as "sources of income". Nobody likes feeling "used and abused" by some big corporate entity.