Friday, January 28, 2011

Obama's First WTF Victory

Obama's State of the Union speech was a clarion call for better education, more research, new technology, and a more productive economy -- the Win The Future (WTF) challenge. Labs across America have burned the midnight oil and are just now showing the first fruits of a populist response to Obama's new national goals.

First up, Seth Goldstein has decided that too much time is lost by men tying neckties in preparation for a tough workday. This cries out for automation. Thankfully, Seth's genius helps us fill the technological breach...

The country has a pressing need... and patriotic research rushes in to fill the breach. Now America can leverage the ingenuity and patriotism of her people to advance competitively on all fronts in this global economic competition.

Robotics was first off the block with an utterly amazing solution to unemployment. This wondrous machine will give American workers the advantages needed to out-produce and out-create all other countries. Rest assured, creative types are quickly responding to the WTF challence across the land. More advances will come. Keep your eyes peeled for the next amazing advance.

Speaking of pressing needs... A true robot to clean, press, and fold your clothes is quickly being assembled to meet the WTF challenge. Here's a prototype:

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