Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Fumbling Incompetence of Obama

Here is an excellent interview by Keith Olbermann with Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to United States Secretary of State Colin Powell. The video starts with a gaff by Obama's new Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, who simply gets wrong the "reason" for invading Iraq.

At 1:50 the video mentions the outrageously brutal treatment of Bradley Manning. Manning comes up in the discussion with Wilkerson at 4:15 in the video. Wilkerson's position: "the treatment of Bradley Manning is unconscionable".

At 2:05 the video begins the interview with Wilkerson:

All of this shows that Obama is a continuous of Bush policies despite running an anti-war campaign with a promise to end the war in Iraq, close down Guantanamo, and generally stop the excesses of Bush's "war on terrorism". Sadly, Obama has ratcheted the war up, not down.

Obama sold himself to the electorate as anti-war and as a more moral and honourable person than Bush, but he has shown himself to be as indifferent to rights or the limits of the law as Bush in his most extreme positions. The press doesn't explore this, but this is incredible. See 6:00 into the video where Wilkerson is upset that the Justice Department refuses to investigate the 2008 financial collapse and the on-going torture treatment of detainees.

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