Monday, July 18, 2011

The Brave New World of "Property Rights"

I find it funny and frustrating to live in Canada, right next door to the US, and get bombarded by advertisements and news from the US, but when I attempt to access some of the stuff fired at me, I come up with something like...

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Painting is from Paul Mutant, Flickr

Yep... owners of "rights" deny me access to their "property" even though they hound me with ads and information telling me that it is "available" and that I should "access it", or even worse "buy it".

To add insult to injury, the Canadian dollar is now soaring about the US dollar, but to buy US goods in Canada still means to pay about a 10% premium over what people 30 miles south of me would pay for the very same item. I should be getting a 4% discount using my "stronger" dollar, but the owners of "property rights" conspire to ensure that prices are set by them and they like the prices to be 10% higher than what a truly "free" market would imply.

Oh, and of course, all these property "owners" laud the concept of "free enterprise" and "free trade". They just mean it should be free for them and they should be able to stick it to anybody else by putting a surcharge on what they are selling (or, as in the above, simply deny me access to the item). So much for what "free" means.

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