Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Argument for Climate Skepticism

This is a fairly good presentation of the case for skepticism about alarmism over "global warming":

My only criticism is the crazy belief expressed at the end of the video that "free enterprise" will solve all our problems. That is silly. Free enterprise has no direction. It is as happy to provide hula hoops as it is to provide penicillin. There is no morality to "free enterprise". If there is a real global issue, you will need to use the political system to mobilize a response, not "free enterprise".

The point I like seeing emphasized in the above video is that the "global warming" crowd is anti-modernism and anti-science and effectively they would reduce us back to huddling around an open fire circa 1700. That is crazy. I prefer my solutions to come from technology not from a "green" agenda that treats Mother Earth as sacred and any modern innovation just a way of raping and pillaging our poor Mother. If you truly care about people, you don't want to undo technology. You want more science and more technology to deal with any current problems. But the "green" luddites want to destroy, not develop.

I find the above video a good solid presentation of skepticism about claims of climage gloom-and-doom.

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