Friday, June 3, 2011

Mom, Apple Pie, and the Republican Way

I see this as an "intelligence test" for contemporary America. Can you see something wrong in this picture?...

Most Republicans would say "What idiot allowed those poor people to get into this shot and ruined the glorious message presented by that wonderful poster?"

Most Democrats would say "Please give us a half a dozen or more years before you start criticizing us about unemployement. We are working as hard as we can within the limits of the system to get back 'The American Way' we all know and love!"

Most Progressives would say "That picture was a lie then and it is still a lie today. Sure there were some at the top enjoying the 'world's highest standard of living' but there were way too many who were poor and who were suffering, and that very problem is getting worse today because of bad political decisions and even worse economic decisions. America has achieved a society less segregated by race, but more segregated by wealth."

Instead of opening Congress with a prayer, I suggest that they open by having everybody look at this picture and 'share' with everyone else just what it is that they see in this picture.

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