Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Joy of Reading... Aloud

CBS Sunday Morning has a nice story about reading to your kids.

...I may have found the secret to successful parenting - not in any one, single book, but in this one, single dad, whose wife left him when his daughter was 10.

"It was just she and I," said Jim Brozina. He says he and his daughter Alice were always close - but around 4th grade, he started worrying they'd soon drift apart.

"After 4th grade, they start looking for their friends," he said. "Could be that we just didn't see each other during the day or talk to one another - it could have been."

Could have been - he says - if not for "The Streak."

"The Streak" was a challenge Jim issued to his daughter that 4th grade year - to see how many nights in a row they could read together.

And here is an interesting story about a few people who have "hit it big" with writing blogs...

I think it is funny to (a) expect to become a "success" with a blog or (b) make money off a blog. Sure, that will happen to one in a million. But most of us live "ordinary lives" and end up writing blogs just to "get stuff off their chest", to remember things found curious/important/interesting, and to "think out loud". I find writing is one way to find out what I think. Nothing like facing a big white space to put some fear into you and make you dig deep and take a stance and have an opinion!

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