Friday, June 10, 2011

How Can You Tell if Banks are Corrupt and Greedy?

One sure-fire way is when they start demanding payment "immediately" from home owners who owe $0.00 and demanding payment or else they will foreclose on your house.

Here is a bit from a report by WWLP BROADCASTING:
The housing crisis ended with many homes in foreclosure, which is why it was no joke when a man from Northampton got a letter stating his home would be seized if he didn't pay up zero dollars and zero cents!

Not wanting to lose his house, he called the 22News I-team and finally got some answers.

Following the mortgage meltdown, struggling homeowners dread getting that nasty letter in the mail announcing your home is listed under foreclosure.

That happened to Mark, only his letter caught him off guard.

"It says, you owe us zero dollars, zero cents. I going to write a check to them for zero dollars and have it clear? I couldn't help but laugh," he said.

Only, this was no laughing matter.

The letter clearly stated if they didn't get his money, or lack thereof, by February 4th, his lender could seize his home.
This was a letter from Bank of America, one of the big culprits in the 2008 financial meltdown. BOA and other corrupt big banks and Wall Street firms engaged in wildly fraudulent mortagage "lending". The above shows that they still have not reined in their greed or fixed their incompetence. They packaged junk and stamped it AAA-rated bonds, just like they had the audacity to send out a claims letter demanding that some hapless customer pay up $0.00 "immediately" or face foreclosure.

This is the incompetence and greed which has brought America to its knees and the Obama administration (with the backing of pro-business, pro-Wall Street Republicans) has not yet attempted to clean up.

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