Monday, June 6, 2011

Facts, Just What the Political Right Refuses to Believe

Everybody knows that health care in Canada is a disaster and that people here feel oppressed by their "government" system. They want to flee however they can to the comfort and care of the "far superior" American system free-enterprise system. Right? Well, here are the facts:

Yep... that tiny, tiny sliver are the ones who successfully escape the clutches of a vicious Canadian government plan and go down to the US and let themselves get fleeced by a rapacious US medical system. Instead of "suffering" under the free medical care in Canada, you can see that "a significant slice" of Canadians rush off at first opportunity to take advantage of the obviously "superior" American system of medical care.

If you don't mind having your brain cluttered with facts rather than prejudices and superstitions, try reading this report.

Oh, and you might find this post on The Incidental Economist blog of interest.

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