Sunday, March 13, 2011

What Fury Hath the Republican Machine Unleashed?

Here's a big from an article on the Huffington Post about the latest big demonstration in Wisconsin:
Clogging the Wisconsin Capitol grounds and screaming angry chants, tens of thousands of undaunted pro-labor protesters descended on Madison again Saturday and vowed to focus on future elections now that contentious cuts to public worker union rights have become law.

Protests have rocked the Capitol almost every day since Gov. Scott Walker proposed taking nearly all collective bargaining rights away from public workers, but the largest came a day after the governor signed the measure into law. Madison Police estimated the crowd at 85,000 to 100,000 people – along with 50 tractors and one donkey – by late afternoon. No one was arrested.

Speakers delivered angry diatribes while the crowd carried signs comparing Walker to dictators and yelled thunderous chants of "this is what democracy looks like."
I sure hope the angered citizens decide that since the political right declared war on the citizens, then the citizens will mobilize for war. They should be shouting slogans like "Outlaw Unions? Wait until we get power and return taxes to the 92% level on the billionaires and millionaires!"

Seems to me that if the Republicans could pass laws that fined Demoncratic representatives, then when the Democrats retake the the state house in Madison, they should levy special taxes on the local Republican party and anybody who belongs to a right wing political group. The justification would be a need for 'flexibility'. Governor Walker quashed union rights to achieve 'flexibility'. Similarly, when the Democrats regain power, they should assert that "there needs to be a flexibility in politics in Wisconsin, so special tax levies on right wing organizations and a rounding up of the Republican leadership and putting them in a pillory followed by tar and feathering will help achieve the needed 'flexibility' in Wisconsin".

OK... I'm kidding about the pillory and taxes on right wing politics. But the political right need to have a scare put into them. They have gone beyond what is "fair" in politics and have to know that there will be consequences to their outrageous theft of democracy from Wisconsin.

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