Sunday, March 13, 2011

More "Transparency" from the Obama Administration

Yep... if you criticize the policy, then Obama will give you all the transparency you need. You get kicked out and get to wander the lonely political wilderness for your honesty.

Whistleblowers beware! Obama takes letting the truth out very seriously. He will fire you for telling the truth. He won't fire you for incompetence or studpidity or greed or lying, but he will fire you for telling the truth. This is the Obama policy on "transparency".

From BoingBoing:
Report: State Dept.'s Crowley out, days after criticizing Manning treatment as "counterproductive, stupid"

Xeni Jardin at 9:47 AM Sunday, Mar 13, 2011

CNN reports that P.J. Crowley, State Department spokesperson, has left (or been sacked) just days after widely reported comments critical of the Defense Department's treatment of accused Wikileaks source Bradley Manning.
What is Bradley Manning's crime? He was frustrated that the US military refused to respond to Reuters inquiries about the killing of a news team. Why did the miltiary cover up? Because it was the killing of a news team and several civilians, and some young children by a trigger happy Apache attack helicopter in which the pilots exult over their "victory". Watch for yourself!

Seems the US military didn't want the "bad publicity". So Bradley Manning spilled the beans. The military kept the lid on, so Manning opened the whole can of worms. So the military grabbed him and has been torturing him in isolation during pre-trial ever since.

Yep... the US military is a classic case of how not to "control" the news. If you squash it you make it worse. Rather than "man up" and tell the truth and discipline the Apache helicopter crew, the US military has unleashed hellish punishment on Bradley Manning... and of course on the Truth. But everybody knows that the first victim in war is the Truth.

When Obama ran for office he indicated he wanted to stop the senseless Bush military offensives. He was going to close Guantanamo. But he has brought a bigger war effort in the quagmire of Afghanistan and he has not only kept Guantanamo, he has now reinstated the senseless and fruitless military tribunals. Most of the people plucked randomly off the streets and shipped to Guantanamo. No wonder Obama wants no "transparency" about this war he is continuing, this war on anything that moves.

Watch Ethan McCord's witness testimony about the war on anything that moved in Iraq.

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