Friday, November 5, 2010

Speak the Truth, Give to Me Straight

Here are the facts... just the facts... on global warming. And I'm not kidding. This is all from published sources. Obviously we should all be having the heebie jeebies and running down the street screaming "the end is nigh!"

I can only say one thing... It is a good thing that I get my facts from science and not the media! The scientists I trust are telling me that the issue of anthropogenic global warming isn't at all clear. There is some warming but it isn't clear by how much and it isn't clear what is causing. It isn't clear if this is beyond the normal variability or not. So I'm not going to worry about bubonic plage, killer cornflakes, heart attacks, or deaf fish.

Here's the current state of "runaway global warming"...

This is a chart of "anomaly", i.e. how much each year's temperature differs from the "average" over this whole period. You can see there has been a slight bit of warming, about 0.4C or 0.7F. But my eyeballing the data says to me there is no "runaway" global warming" in this data.

Data is from Remote Sensing Systems.

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