Friday, November 12, 2010

A Sure Way to Make A Million Dollars

People complain that the heroic days of the past are gone. That all the good stuff has been invented. That all the tough questions have been answered. That the easy money has been made.

Nope... here's proof that there are still challenges to be surmounted...

I'm going to make a mint. I swear I have a photo of Jesus around here somewhere. My only question is "What are people these days willing to pay for a genuine, original photograph of Jesus?"

And if that doesn't work out... I'm with this guy...

Who says you can't build a perpetual motion machine? What do those stuffed-shirt academics know? It is obvious that this guy is right on the edge of a major breakthrough in technology. He's going to show up all those pointy-headed scientist know-it-alls who want to scribble all those silly equations when a little fiddling in a workshop is the fastest way to solve the world's energy problem!

People are going to come running to my door offering me millions! Who says you can't build a better mousetrap and have people beat a path to your door and offer you millions for your ideas?

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