Friday, November 5, 2010

Only a Cartoonist can Get at the Truth

Here's a wonderful cartoon by Ingrid Rice, a Canadian cartoonist, who has gotten at the heart of the Omar Khadr case:

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The Canadian Mounties have the slogan that they "always get their man". Maybe the appropriate slogan for the American military justice system is that they "always get their child soldier". The treatment of Khadr is an outrage. Americans should hang their head in shame.

I'm not saying that Khadr is a "nice guy". I wouldn't want him as a neighbor. But he is the product of a demented father. He was coerced into Al Qaeda at a young age. He "participated" in a war. The US doesn't recognize the status of its enemies as "warriors" so they mistreat them. Worse, America doesn't recognize the UN resolution on child soldiers. This is simply outrageous.

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