Saturday, September 11, 2010

Public Service Announcement

Here's an excellent video by Penn & Teller on the idiocy of vaccination scares...

Here's the Wikipedia explanation for the pseudo-science belief that vaccination "causes" autism:
Parents may first become aware of autistic symptoms in their child around the time of a routine vaccination, and this has given rise to theories that vaccines or their preservatives cause autism, which was fueled by a scientific study which has since been proven to have been falsified. Although these theories lack convincing scientific evidence and are biologically implausible, parental concern about autism has led to lower rates of childhood immunizations and higher likelihood of measles outbreaks in some areas.
I find it odd that I was raised in "the modern" era but:
  • A shocking number of people really have no clear idea of the scientific method, how science works, or the benefits of science.

  • An amazing number of people are busy marching back into the medieval past under such banners as "post-modernism" and "new age religion" and various "religious fundamentalist" organizations.
The joker in the deck is that if and when social cohesion breaks down and plagues or famine break out, all these fanatics will be incensed because government is not there with the latest in technology and food science to help them. These people are busy undermining civil society and the very culture which makes modern mass society possible, but when they achieve their desired goal and undermine our society, they will elbow to the front of the line demanding "services" and berating anybody and everybody for "failing" them.

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