Saturday, September 18, 2010


My brother e-mailed telling me he as excited listening to Medieval Babes. They have a sound that comes across as a mix between Enya and medieval chants. Here is the song "My Lady Sleeps":

And the song "Kilmeny":

I find the sound pleasant enough, but...

I like my music with an edge. I enjoy Gina Villalobos who has what I consider a classic "modern" American western country sound. Here's her song "What I'd Give" with a video background of her 2005 UK tour:

Here's a video of Gina Villalobos "behind the scenes" talking about making her song "Days on Their Side":

Here's the Gina Villalobos "MySpace" page. She's limited everything to 30 second clips. For example they have this "official plug" for the song "Days on There Side":

... and if you want to listen to truly "classic American" music, here is Johnny Cash and the Carter Sisters singing gospel "Were You There When They Cruicified My Lord?":

... and if you want a taste of Canada, here's a very nice Quebec singer, Annie Blanchard, with the classic American song "Help Me Make it through the Night", or as she sings it "Aide-moi à passer la nuit":

And here is "Sur l'autre Rive":

Here she is singing the classic "Évangéline" (better audio here but no video, only a slide show with the words so you can sing along):

Here is her MySpace page.

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