Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Politics in America... GM Style

Here is a bit from a post by Robert Riech on his blog:
General Motors has given $90,500 to candidates in the current election cycle, according to the Federal Election Commission.

Hmmm? Last time I looked, you and I and every other U.S. taxpayer owned a majority of GM. That means some of the money we’re earning as GM owners is being used to influence how we vote in the upcoming mid-term election.

To put it another way, we taxpayers are paying some people (GM executives) to tell us how we should vote for another group of people (House and Senate candidates) who will decide how our taxes will be used in the future.
It is bad enough to have fat cat Wall Street types leer at you and pull off big banknotes to buy up politicians. It is even worse when CEOs use taxpayer money to buy up politicians! What an insane world of politics in America. The Supreme Court declares institutions to be "persons" with a "right" to buy political adds with no limits while putting the clamp on real individuals and the amount they can donate to political campaigns. Now this new and blatant way corporations "pay" for politicial persuasion using taxpayer dollars. This is corruption heaped on corruption. No wonder the US is become a laughingstock third world country!

Robert Reich ends with a warning to Obama who appears to be allowing this blatant corruption to go on:
Since TARP, suspicions about big government in cahoots with big business have fueled angry tea partiers on the right and despairing cynics on the left. GM’s crass disregard for the spirit if not the letter of the law continues to fuel them.

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