Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Critical Test of Global Warming

There is an excellent -- and very readable -- article on Roger Pielke Sr.'s web site, Climate Science.

The article is entitled "Have Changes In Ocean Heat Falsified The Global Warming Hypothesis?" and is by William DiPuccio. It develops the argument that water, not air, is the dense medium that should be accumulating any heat from a rise in temperatures and this rise should be evident from measurements. It isn't. So the article concludes:
It is evident that the AGW [Anthropogenic (i.e. human-caused) Global Warming] hypothesis, as it now stands, is either false or fundamentally inadequate. One may argue that projections for global warming are measured in decades rather than months or years, so not enough time has elapsed to falsify this hypothesis. This would be true if it were not for the enormous deficit of heat we have observed. In other words, no matter how much time has elapsed, if a projection misses its target by such a large magnitude (6x to 8x), we can safely assume that it is either false or seriously flawed.
Here is a diagram to show the test results:

The 5.5 year accumulated heat deficit for GISS model projections (red line) ranges from 6.48 x 1022 Joules (using Willis) to 7.92 x 1022 Joules (Loehle, extrapolated to the end of 2008).
For a skeptic like myself, this article is pretty damning for the global warming crowd. But I expect it to be ignored. These fanatics aren't interested in science. They are true believers on a mission to "save earth".

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