Friday, January 29, 2010

Official Hypocrisy

Here is a bit from a Canadian Press report about Omar Khadr:
The Supreme Court has confirmed Canadian officials violated Omar Khadr's constitutional rights, but the judges left it up to the federal government whether to ask the United States for his return to Canada.

Khadr, 23, is being held by the Americans at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, for allegedly throwing a grenade that killed a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan more than seven years ago. The landmark decision is bound to renew debate over whether Khadr can receive a fair hearing in the U.S. military justice system.

The Conservative government strongly opposes Khadr's repatriation, but his lawyers and several interested groups argued before the high court that Canada should request his return.

Khadr's captors threatened the Toronto-born teen with rape, isolated him and deprived him of sleep by moving him from cell to cell - a practice known as the "frequent flyer program."

The Supreme Court unanimously said Friday that Khadr's constitutional rights were violated.
Omar's father was a fanatic (and died fighting for al Qaeda) and his mother and older sister are fanatics (but free in Canada). This kid was 15 when captured. He was a "fighter" but how seriously can you take his "political views" at that age. I truly believe the US authorities have trumped up charges against him and seriously mistreated him. But the Canadian authorities are guilty of a greater moral wrong: they have allowed him to stay in the hands of the Americans despite a public protestation that they wanted him to be "treated properly" and that they "looked forward" to his release. Here is the Canadian Supreme Court continuing the game of hyposcrisy by noting that his rights have been "violated" but handing him back to the Canadian authorities to look after him. That is like rescuing a child who is being raped by a criminal and after admonishing the rapist to "treat the kid properly" you had the kid back to the rapist. It is utterrly nonsensical. It is a mockery of "justice". yep, that's what Canadians have for a Supreme Court, a bunch of clowns wearing robes playing at "justice". A tragedy.

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