Thursday, March 10, 2011

Does This Sound Like Recovery?

From the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) most recent Regional and State Employment and Unemployment Summary
Nevada continued to register the highest unemployment rate among the states, 14.2 percent in January. The states with the next highest rates were California, 12.4 percent, and Florida, 11.9 percent. North Dakota reported the lowest jobless rate, 3.8 percent, followed by Nebraska and South Dakota, 4.2 and 4.7 percent, respectively. One state, Colorado, set a new series high, 9.1 percent.
The Republicans have already declared "victory" over the Great Recession and are busy pushing an austerity agenda that, if implemented, will shrink the economy! They are trying hard to recreate the Recession of 1937 which was "achieved" within the overall Great Recession. Yep. You can crash an economy even when it is in the midst of a depression if you try hard enough. The Republicans want to repeat that trick!

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