Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Charlie Sheen Feels Slimed and Trapped

I imagine Charlie Sheen -- after his various rants this week -- feels somewhat like the following:

A normal person view themselves as their own worst enemy and feel "slimed" and "trapped" and about to be "feasted upon" by this velvet worm. But Charlie Sheen is a cricket, standing tall, talking about
"tiger blood" and being an "Adonis".

He doesn't realize that something worse than guys in white suits with butterfly nets are coming to get him... He has been slimed by the Giant Velvet Worm (the media) that is now feasts upon him!

I don't know Charlie Sheen, but he needs some help. He needs real friends and not the two bimbos, the "goddesses", that are hanging out at his house. He needs to listen to his lawyer. He needs to get psychiatric help. He needs to realize that he is as trapped as that cricket in the above video.

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