Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Property Rights in America

People think they "own" stuff, but in reality they don't. They only get to hold onto something so long as the bank doesn't want it and walk off with it...

What the Great Recession of 2008 has proved is that the only property rights that count are the ones held by the big shots. The government's supposed claim of recorder of "rights" is a sham. As the above shows, even if you have the papers and the government agrees, the police will not act. They side with the banks. The courts and the legal system is impotent. The last, desperate defense for the "little people" is publicity. Get a news reporter, preferably a TV reporter, on your case and you have a chance at justice. Otherwise, there are no "property rights".

What is funny is that the ultra-rich and the big corporations rant about property rights, especially intellectual property rights, but they really mean the rights of the powerful to dispossess the powerless. These are the "rights" of the robber knights of old to waylay you and strip you of what you have as long as you don't have the power and the weapons they have.

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