Monday, November 1, 2010

Cringely's Theory of World Domination

Here is the start of a post by Robert X. Cringely that argues that while the US & Europe are spiraling down, it isn't China who will dominate the world, it is India. I think his ideas are worthy of serious consideration:
Something has been bothering me lately and it is our assumption that China is the world’s next superpower and that we’d darned well better get used to it. Hogwash. We’re into the Chinese decade, not the Chinese Century.

The century belongs to India.

Last century was all-American. We came into the 20th century a huge but unsophisticated nation. Our industrial might made us a factor in World War I. Our cultural ingenuity caught the world’s fancy in the 1920s and — 90 years later — still hasn’t let go. As a result this will not be the Bollywood Century. The Great Depression secured our place at the table by showing we could take much of the world down with us. World War II saw us save that world, grabbing half a century of global dominance in the process (thanks Dad). But now we’re screwing it up a bit out of inertia and greed and ignorance of the very world we created. We did it to ourselves by thinking that nothing could really hurt us. But in the end that wasn’t true any more than the idea that Harry Houdini’s stomach could take any punch.

So we’re giving it up to the Indians. not to the Chinese.
I hope he is right. India has started very few wars. China, which you might think hasn't started many wars, has in fact attacked all of its neighbors in the last 60 years: Korea, USSR, India, Vietnam. And it has sabre-rattled at Taiwan, Japan, and the US.

The world needs leadership by a country that is only interested in economic "conquest" and not political/military/cultural conquest. India is a nicely complex country too disorganized to carry out this kind of conquest. But it can be the breeding ground of entrepreneurs and economic growth which would be good for the world.

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