Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Depth of the US Housing Depression

Here are some facts from a story in Vegas Inc:
“In less than four years, more than 100,000 homes in Las Vegas have been lost through foreclosure. That’s 18 percent of our privately owned housing stock: that’s nearly one home in five. And we’re nowhere near finished with foreclosures. In all likelihood, we have another 100,000 yet to go, and at the current rate, that’s another four years,” Murphy said.
And this has hit house prices hard. Just in the last year:
In a market hit by high unemployment (13.6 percent) and an elevated foreclosure rate, the Realtors said the median price of single-family homes sold in October was $121,000. That’s down 1.9 percent from $123,400 in September and down 9 percent from $133,000 a year ago.
From the Calculated Risk site, the price of homes in Las Vegas is down 60% since the beginning of 2007:

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What is tragic is that the Republicans caused this Great Recession during the Bush administration and are doing everything they can to make it worse in order to win in 2012. And the salt in the wound is that Barack Obama had a chance to come in and really push hard to save Main Street after the failure of Wall Street, but he played "political games" and undersized the stimulus in early 2009 and then claimed it was "just right" in size when it was clearly too small and dithered for two and a half years before he got serious about attacking unemployment and the crushed economy... just in time to win another 4 years for his "do nothing" administration. Tragic.

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