Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rule of Law Will Now be Attempted in the US

One of the foundation stones of civilization, going back thousands of years, is that a state is sound and mature only when it is under the rule of law, i.e. the code of conduct is in fact codified and enforced.

It appears that the US is about to try to stop being a rogue state, a criminal haven, and attempt to live under the 'rule of law'. Here is a video clip of a Dylan Rattigan show talking about the current attempt to bring fraudulent banks under control and impose the rule of law on them:

It is going to be awfully hard for the top 0.1% in the US to accept that the glory days of buying and selling politicians may be coming to an end, that the running of a two-tier legal system where billionaries get a 'get out of jail free card' while the bottom 99.9% feel the heavy hand of a country with the highest incarceration rate in the world might go under.

The rampant criminality where banks commit massive fraud, create a bubble, then let the world's economy go down the drain while the bankers continue to collect billion dollar bonuses may finally be coming to an end. No thanks to Obama. His administration, like the Bush and preceding administrations, has been a total tool of the criminal elite in the US. This push for the 'rule of law' is coming from the state attorney generals. Finally!

The US may finally be stepping back from the brink, from its banana republic, rogue state, criminal enterprise collapse, back into the family of nations where law is above greed. Maybe. We will have to watch this closely.

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