Friday, November 18, 2011

Obama's "Hopey Changey" Leadership

Obama campaigned in 2008 to change politics in America. He promised "hope" and "change you can believe in" and "transparency". Sarah Palin nailed him when she mocked him for his "hopey changey" thing.

What you are getting today under Obama is a people being beaten by police baton sticks and pepper sprayed as they attempt to give voice to their political will in a supposedly democratic 1st Amendment right. The Occupy Movement is growing and Obama is "missing in action". He fails to lead. He is a politician who loves to make promises, but he has done precious little during 3 years to help the bottom 99% in America...

The reality is that he hasn't stopped American military torture, he hasn't closed Guantanamo, he allows American citizens to be assassinated without any judicial process, he has paid hundreds of billions to his buddies on Wall Street and half a billion to his buddy in the "green" industry of now bankrupt Solyndra. He promise of "transparency" in government has instead produced the harshest anti-whistle-blower law ever on US books. He fiddles for 3 years during the greatest recession since the Great Depression then announces that he is Mr. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs and announces a program to produce 1.2 million jobs when in fact there are 25 million unemployed/underemployed people, in short, he makes a political gesture but no effective political act. He is a farce. A joke.

The US has two parties to represent the 1% and no political parties that represent the 99%. Tragic.

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