Tuesday, April 19, 2011

US Legislators are Beyond the Law

Here is an incredible story of Senator Inhofe acting above the law with reckless disregard for life. From The Smoking Gun blog:
Newly released Federal Aviation Administration documents and audiotapes shed a scary new light on a bizarre incident late last year during which U.S. Senator James Inhofe landed his Cessna on a closed runway at a south Texas airport, scattering construction workers who ran for their lives as the politician’s plane hopscotched over them and six vehicles.
You have to click the above link to read the whole article and listen to the various recordings of people trying to report to the FAA the incredible behaviour of Inhofe.

All I can conclude is that the legislators in the US think that the law is "for the little people" and doesn't apply to them because they are "big important people". I guess this is why these legislators have written the laws in the US to give never-ending tax breaks to the ultra-rich and to continue to squeeze the bottom 90% of the population. They want to turn the mass of Americans back into brute beasts, serfs in the fields, serving the interests of their overlords. It is pure arrogance. And he got away with it!

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