Friday, April 29, 2011

Obama Pulls a "I'm the Boss So You Shut Up" Routine

Obama sold himself in 2008 as the liberal alternative to the previous 8 years of Republican "stage managed" presidency where the people were allowed as props in photo ops, but were not allowed to have a voice, and certainly not a free press.

But in 2011 Obama shows himself to be a Bush Mini-Me with the same deep gutted desire to control the media and refuse to allow a free press. Here's an article from the San Francisco Chronicle that illustrates how Obama will ban any reporter who has the audacity to report a planned demonstration at a Democratic party fund raiser.

The hip, transparent and social media-loving Obama administration is showing its analog roots. And maybe even some hypocrisy highlights.

White House officials have banished one of the best political reporters in the country from the approved pool of journalists covering presidential visits to the Bay Area for using now-standard multimedia tools to gather the news.

The Chronicle's Carla Marinucci - who, like many contemporary reporters, has a phone with video capabilities on her at all times -shot some protesters interrupting an Obama fundraiser at the St. Regis Hotel.
It is quite odd that the founders of the US felt it important enough to put the rights of a free press into the Constitution, but US presidents think they are above the law and can gag and control the media to ensure that only a "managed news" ever gets out. Crazy.

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