Saturday, October 9, 2010

How to Improve Your Sex Life

From this post by Dan Ariely on his blog, it is obvious that my sex life is stunted because I don't have an iPhone. He scientifically "proves" that if I get an iPhone I will have 10 women as sex partners.

Better yet! His research demonstrates that women with iPhones are especially promiscuous and on average have 12 partners. So obviously all I have to do is find a woman with an iPhone and sex will be a cinch.

Who says science has no benefits? Obviously science is the path to better sex.

Don't bother me with quibbles about causality versus correlation. I don't have time for all that yucky math stuff and stultifing science-ese. I just want "the facts". And Ariely "proves" that finding a woman with an iPhone is practically the same as crawling into bed with a sex-starved woman. I can't miss!

Now... for the scientifically illiterate, Ariely provides the pictorial proof:

Click to Enlarge

Who needs facts when you have a picture? Science illiterates of the world, arise! You have nothing to lose but your innocence. Your gullibility will ensure you are the consumate consumer. If one iPhone gets you some sex, then obviously a dozen will give you a veritable harem. So why stop at one phone?

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