Sunday, October 10, 2010

Upcoming Midterm Elections in the US

Here's the straight story on how to make your vote "really count"...

Funny... sitting here in Canada, I don't get to vote, but whoever the Americans vote into office will have a big effect on me. Canada is the mouse beside the American elephant. When the elephant wiggles the mouse gets squished. But we don't get any say. We just have to watch nervously and hope that sanity prevails in the elections south of here.

Living beside a dysfunctional neighbor... America gets a taste of its own medicine since it lies just north of Mexico and Mexico is fast becoming a failed state. So Americans will soon know how it feels to be helpless and beside a state that can just "go boom" on you as their politics fail and crazies come to power. You can already see this is Ciudad Juárez where the local newspapers are pleading with the drug cartels to "just tell us what to do" because they recognize the cartels as "the only legitimate power" in the city. That should be making a lot of Americans very, very nervous, but Americans get no say in the Mexican elections, so they get no say in whether Mexico continues to collapse into an out-of-control narco-state.

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