Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fraud is Rampant

Here's a politician trying to point out how big banks are steamrolling the "little people" as the house foreclosure nightmare stalks the land...

Sadly, the people of America have forgotten that this housing nightmare was brought to them by the Republicans with their 'ownership society' that deregulated any reasonable oversight of banks, mortgage brokers, credit rating agencies, and so on. Bush got the "deregulated society" he wanted, sadly it is a government of a broken, bankrupt, depressed economy.

But now, people are being fooled and stampeded into embracing Tea Party Republicans who will take government and compound the crime. Under Bush, the Republicans took the keys of the car and ran over the public and left them prostrate in the street, tread marks clearly visible. Now the Tea Party will take the keys, put the car of government in reverse and back the car up and run over the body one more time! Treadmarks on top of treadmarks on a corpse killed by indifferent politicians whose only goal is to cut taxes for the super rich, enable big companies to ravage the economy, and allow a new criminal class of 'businessmen' to run rampant through the land.

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