Friday, August 12, 2011

Understanding How 9/11 Happened

Here's an excellent video to explain the mysterious "non-cooperation" between CIA and FBI. This makes sense to me.

This is typical bureaucratic infighting and bureaucratic ass covering. The tragedy is that these guys are supposely sworn to protect the US, but their loyalty to their own careers/reputation and their bureaucracy, the CIA, is higher than their loyalty to their country. Sad.

What I find funny is that Obama, as a new leader from "the other party", had a chance to come in after George Bush and do a complete house cleaning. He didn't. He continued Bush's policy of bailouts for the banks, he continued Bush's "too big to fail" and refuse to re-implement the Glass-Steagall act, he failed to reverse Bush's war policy, he in fact doubled down on Bush's "nation building" in Afghanistan, he failed to close Guantanamo, he didn't bring charges against Bush administration hacks for lying to Americans about Iraq, he didn't restart the 9/11 commission with a new mandate to get at the truth... he didn't change course. Obama is just a "kinder gentler" version of George Bush. He ran as "change you can believe in" but he has delivered more George Bush.

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