Friday, August 26, 2011

Is There a Political Problem in America?

Here is the list of problems from a post by Barry Ritholtz in his The Big Picture blog:
Can the US resolve these issues?

1) An excess credit problem, left over from the 2000s Housing boom and credit bubble — being solved v e r y s l o w l y through deleveraging and passage of time;

2) Slowing economy and high unemployment (including increasing High School drop out rates creating a structural employment problem);

3) Crumbling infrastructure: Electric Grid, Bridges, Tunnels, Roads, Naval Ports, Airports;

4) Medical Costs that are double the rest of the industrialized world’s yet produces worse results.

5) Systemic deficits caused by unfunded tax cuts, unfunded entitlements, and a military bigger than the next 20 countries combined, (plus a lack of fiscal discipline);

6) A wholly dysfunctional electoral process, including corporate control of what was once a democratically elected legislative branch;

7) Increasing wealth and income inequality (Historically not a long term positive for social unrest and political legitimacy)

8) An overt hostility to empiricism and science (which helped create most of our wealth) and an embracing of “magical thinking”

9) An intellectually bankrupt political class married to outmoded, disproven, fantasy based economic ideas.
That's a pretty good list. And a completely solveable list of problems if the electorate would toss out the current set of idiots in Washington and vote in people who are interested in solving real problems rather than winning debate points or, like the Republicans, posing with completely false claims and pretending they have "answers" for America's problems.

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