Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Education in America

This story is the Springfield Missouri News-Leader takes the cake for benighted, misguided, and stupid school administration. It is so crazy it seems impossible to be true:

A female student raped in 7th grade, but the school officials don’t believe her and force her to “apologize” to her rapist, and then they go ahead an expel her from school as her punishment for "lying". Next year she is allowed to come back to school, and her rapist commits yet another rape on her!
A lawsuit filed against the Republic School District alleges school officials failed to protect a middle school girl from a male classmate who harassed her, sexually assaulted her, and raped her.

In its written response, the school district denies all allegations in the suit and calls the claims frivolous.

The suit, filed July 5, alleges when the girl — a special education student — told officials about the harassment, assault and rape that occurred during the 2008-09 school year, they told her they did not believe her. She recanted.

The suit also alleges that, without seeking her mother’s permission, school officials forced the girl to write a letter of apology to the boy and personally deliver it to him. She was then expelled for the rest of the 2008-2009 school year and referred to juvenile authorities for filing a false report.


In 2009-10, the girl was allowed back in school, and the boy continued to harass and assault her, the suit says. She did not tell school officials because she was afraid she would be accused of lying and kicked out of school.

In February 2010, the boy allegedly forcibly raped the girl again, this time in the back of the school library. While school officials allegedly expressed skepticism of the girl, her mother took her to the Child Advocacy Center and an exam showed a sexual assault had occurred. DNA in semen found on the girl matched the DNA of the boy she accused, the suit says.

The boy was taken into custody in Juvenile Court and pleaded guilty to charges, the suit says.
In the days before DNA analysis and before female empowerment, this series of crimes would have been ignored and the victim would have been stigmatized for life. I personally think the old-fashioned punishment of tar-and-feathering should be revived and used on the school board, the principal of this school, and some of the senior staff. This story is simply incredible.

Not only is this girl working with a mental handicap, but she has to deal with a cruel and indifferent school board and school staff. I can only imagine that the school staff was absolutely ignorant and indifferent to the conditions of their school and the plight of kids being bullied and harrassed by the wild and cruel elements in the school population (and probably even in the school staff). It is a story of an incompetent and probably vicious school hierarchy that attracted depraved types to both run its schools and act as teachers in the sadistic enterprise that pretended to be a "school"). Incredible.

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