Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Time to Throw in the Towel

Here is an interesting interview with retired admiral and former Director of National Intelligence, Dennis Blair. Until recently, he was in charge of the entire American effort to find, track, and take out terrorists. Now, he’s calling for that campaign to be reconsidered, and possibly even junked.

The video is taken from a Wired article.

Denis Blair is bringing rationalism to "the war on terror". he is calling for a cost-benefit analysis. Sadly most Americans would say "if you can save one life, it is worth any amount of money". But that is nutty. Nobody has the infinite sums required to stop every death. People accept risk in all aspects of life. He mentions car accidents. Nobody is calling for the spending of billions and trillions to "stop the slaughter on the highways". Nobody thinks it is realistic to call for "not one more death from accidents on the highways".

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